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The Free Yiddish Library

The Free Yiddish Library (very much a work-in-progress in its early stages) aims to make translated Yiddish books accessible by publishing them under a creative commons license. 

Our first step is to publish affordable print editions, sold at cost price, using print on demand technology while also making free digital versions available online.

If you would like to participate (as translator/rights-holder or partner) feel free to get in touch.

Available Titles

Abraham Schneider  

An Anthology of Practical & Clever Phrases

​A collection of  Yiddish aphorisms and proverbs.

Abraham Schneider (1876–1960) was born in Berdichev, Russian Empire (modern-day Ukraine) and arrived in America in 1922 with his family—wife, two daughters and a son—via Antwerp, Belgium. 

A furrier by trade, Schneider was a passionate collector of words and phrases. He assembled the present volume in his spare time.  Includes a satirical sketch by the author. 

אַ זאַמל־בוך פֿון פּראַקטישע און קלוגע זאַצן
Original Publication: 1947

Genre: Reference

pp 108

ISBN 9781715260262

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Forthcoming Titles


Abraham Goldberg

Creations & Creators

Born in Yarmolinetz, Podolia (modern day Ukraine), Abraham Goldberg (1883–1942) was a prolific writer, journalist, and public figure in labour Zionist circles in New York. 

Creations  & Creators contains nine selected essays of literary criticism from the author’s 1913 collection.

שאַפֿונגען‭ ‬און‭ ‬שאַפֿער
Original Publication: 1913

Genre: Essays

pp 102

ISBN 9781715859282

Jacob Rodack


A collection of prose pieces originally published in Kunst un kinstler, 1955.

Born in Mława, Poland, Rodack was a sweatshop worker with frustrated literary ambitions. He published articles and prose poems in various Yiddish newspapers and periodicals in the United States.  

A collection of his writings was published posthumously, proving Rodack to be a sensitive and insighftul literary critic. 

From: קונסט און קינסטלער

Original Publication: 1955

Genre: Essays

pp 66

ISBN 9781006845376

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A Christmas Present for Chanukah Cover.jpg

William Dicker

A Christmas Present for Chanukah

Two short stories from William Dicker’s 1937 collection Fun beyde zaytn yam (From Both Sides of the Sea)

From: פֿון בײדע זײַטן אים

Original Publication: 1937

Genre: Fiction

pp 30

ISBN 9781006811531

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