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Snuggly Books

June 2021

ISBN 9781645250685

 $15.00 US

 pp 174

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Translated from the Yiddish
Selected from volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of gezamlte verk 

Snuggly Books 2021

These eight stories centre around a motley cast of wanderers and exiles: modern Jews who have left their homes to join Europe's counterculture of bohemians, artists, aesthetes and freethinkers. Tales of rivalry, debauchery and revenge in the Western European diaspora; mournful happenings on snowy mountain peaks; the comings and goings of various oddballs and outcasts in émigré boarding houses, and the pangs of immigrant nostalgia.


What people are saying:


“Kennedy renders Nomberg’s Yiddish into impeccable English prose . . . The resulting translation is absorbing."

   — Irina Dumitrescu, Times Literary Supplement

A Cheerful Soul and Other Stories

Hersh Dovid Nomberg

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