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June 2021

ISBN 9781645250685

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Snuggly Books 2021

These eight stories centre around a motley cast of wanderers and exiles: modern Jews who have left their homes to join Europe's counterculture of bohemians, artists, aesthetes and freethinkers. Tales of rivalry, debauchery and revenge in the Western European diaspora; mournful happenings on snowy mountain peaks; the comings and goings of various oddballs and outcasts in émigré boarding houses, and the pangs of immigrant nostalgia.


 “Nomberg never wrote a sentence that didn’t contain the seeds of an idea.”

   — Froyim Kaganovski

Praise for Warsaw Stories:

“Tinged with the deeply hopeless, yet nervously optimistic perspective of pre-WWII Jewish intellectuals, the stories of Hersh Dovid Nomberg evoke the lost world of Jewish luftmentsh autodidacts floating between urban cultures while in the process of creating their own. Daniel Kennedy’s sharp translation shows us a rich Yiddish landscape riddled with young Jews deep in intellectual ferment, culturally unmoored but with a curiosity for life that swells hearts."

   — Eddy Portnoy, author of Bad Rabbi and Other Strange but True Tales from the Yiddish Press 


“Hilarious and insightful, a glimpse of a vanished world seen close at hand, with poverty, propriety, romance and much more. Nomberg was a forgotten genius, forgotten until . . . now! A very fine translation, too!"

   — Paul Buhle, author of Marxism in the United States

Translated from the Yiddish
Selected from volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of gezamlte verk 

A Cheerful Soul and Other Stories

Hersh Dovid Nomberg