Books translated for private clients

A selection of the books translated from the Yiddish for private clients and published in limited editions for family and friends. 

Abraham Goldberg  Creations & Creators

Born in Yarmolinetz, Podolia (modern day Ukraine), Abraham (Ab) Goldberg (1883–1942) was a prolific writer, journalist, and public figure in labour Zionist circles in New York. 

Creations  & Creators contains nine selected essays of literary criticism from the author's 1913 collection.  

שאַפונגען און שאַפער

Original Publication: 1913

Genre: Essays


pp 108

Abraham Goldberg  Borders

Goldberg's second essay collection. 

Forty-one essays on politics, history, art and literature.

Read an extract:


Original Publication: 1924

Genre: Essays


pp 276

Abraham Goldberg  Our Time Is Coming

Goldberg's third essay collection, published a year before the author's death as World War II was raging.

Thirty-three essays on history, nationhood, religion, and language.

אונדזער צײַט קומט
Original Publication: 1941

Genre: Essays


pp 294

Abraham Schneider  An Anthology of Practical & Clever Phrases

​A collection of  Yiddish aphorisms and proverbs.

Abraham Schneider (1876–1960) was born in Berdichev, Russian Empire (modern-day Ukraine) and arrived in America in 1922 with his family—wife, two daughters and a son—via Antwerp, Belgium. 

A furrier by trade, Schneider was a passionate collector of words and phrases. He assembled the present volume in his spare time.  Includes a satirical sketch by the author. 

אַ זאַמל־בוך פֿון פּראַקטישע און קלוגע זאַצן
Original Publication: 1947

Genre: Reference

pp 108

[Temporary Artwork]

Samuel Isban Illegal Jews Part the Waves



Trade edition coming soon.

אומלעגאַלע ייִדן שפּאַלטן ימען

Original Publication: 1948

Genre: Non-fiction/Reportage

pp 372